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"At Ramekins & Wine we are experts in all things wine, having been in the trade for over 12 years. Jamie is an Associate of the Institute of Wine & Spirits, and as such we are extremely qualified to help you bring your wine game to the next level! "

Personal wine consultancy

A fantastic experience as well as a chance to sort out all those bottles you own. A 2 hour (at least) consultancy where we'll journey through your collection, advise on when to drink and what with, talk about the history, regions and grapes and follow up with a personal report, recipes and goodies...Not only that, we'll bring 6 wines along to taste with you! 

Wine tastings

Events where the wine is the only focus - we will dive into the detail, tasting all the while. We always bring at least a bottle per head (no thimble measures here) and you'll discover how magic wine can be. Themed tastings, beginner, intermediate or advanced, we can tailor to suit your every desire.

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