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"At Ramekins & Wine we have partnered with some iconic names in the world of wine, from famous retailers to world leading wineries. Our goal is simple - to create dishes which allow the wines to show at their best."

Wine companies we've worked with include...

The Vineking

Majestic Wine

James Nicholson Wine




Holden Manz

Agricola Pra

Liberty Wines

3rd Floor Wines 

Why Ramekins & Wine

Our tasting menus are an absolutely ideal way to complement a wine tasting. Because the food is specifically designed to complement the wine, it allows your guests to focus on the wines, while still enjoying a unique, fun and thought provoking dining experience. And as our dishes are intrinsically designed to make the wines show well you can rest assured your guests will leave with a positive impression.   


What we offer

Our tasting events, with each course served in one of our trademark ramekin dishes, are ideal for dinners paired to a selection of wines. We can amend the size of the dishes so your guests receive a full meal no matter how many wines, and therefore courses you want to serve. 

We also offer plated dinners, which are flexible and bespoke. So whether you want 5 traditional courses, or a mix of canapés, ramekins and plates, we can work with you to make sure your event is memorable and your wines look spectacular. 

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