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"It's very easy to end up with a collection of bottles you aren't sure about, or that look daunting, or old, or expensive, and they end up gathering dust."

Personal wine consultancy

Once upon a time we were asked by a friend if a particular bottle was 'good'. It had, apparently, been sitting in a kitchen cupboard for many years, having been given as a gift. It was in a cardboard box, so we carefully pulled it out to reveal a bottle of Mouton-Rothschild 1986, one of the greatest wines ever made. The owner had no idea of its significance and was slightly shocked to say the least.

This is the most extreme example, but we have seen many wine racks full of exceptional wines, much to the surprise of their owners. This is where we can lend our expertise.

Our personal wine consultancy experience is an intimate appointment where we will come and see you to discuss your collection of wine. It will last 2 hours at least, will involve a tasting of 6 fascinating bottles which we bring along with us and will provide you with an opportunity to make the very most of the wine you own. 

The consultancy includes

- A run through of all the bottles in your wine collection.

- A discussion around the history, region, producer and grape varieties of your most intriguing bottles.

- We will talk about when best to drink the wines, and what food they would be ideal with.

- We will taste wines (which we bring with us) throughout to add context to the discussion.

- We bring a Coravin, so you can even taste some of your own bottles if you would like, without spoiling them.

- We will answer all the questions you have on your wines.

- Afterwards you will receive a report on all your bottles.

- A set of stickers with key information which you can attach to your collection.

- Some recipes to try alongside some of your wines.

- A gift box from us including a bottle of wine we think you'll love.


Our wine consultancy costs £100 and you can purchase via the link below (available as a gift too)


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