Can you talk to us about the wines?

We can happily talk to you about the wines during the evening. We're qualified wine experts, so if you'd like a more educational approach, we'll happily discuss the grape varieties, regions and vineyards that make the wines so special.


How does the game work?

The table is split into 7 teams, each controls one round. With each course the team whose 'round it is' has three short descriptions of a wine to read out (they can put on accents, embellish etc)Only one is the wine you're drinking - the aim of the game is to guess which one. The winner is the team or individual who gets the most answers right.

Do I have to be a wine expert to play the game?

Absolutely not. The game is designed to be bit of fun, and while you may not get all the answers right, you will certainly enjoy trying to, and more importantly it will encourage you to think about the flavours, how they change and evolve, and why each wine is a good match to the food, which is something anyone can experience, wine expert or not.


What style of food do you do?

Most of the food at our supper club is inspired by the food of European as traditionally these cuisines have grown up with wine and are therefore normally great matches. However we do play around with spice and other ingredients from all over the world. We always try to make sure each menu we produce is varied and balanced and each dish is developed by us and made from scratch, so it's totally authentic and unique.

How do you select the wines to go with each dish?

We're quite scientific about creating dishes to go with different wines. A lot of it lies in testing and learning until a match is up to our standards, but the fundamental idea is to analyse the quintessential building blocks of flavour - acidity, intensity, sweetness and aroma and how they change in both the wine and food when had together - we only serve matches where both get better.  


Can we select the menu?

We can certainly create a bespoke menu base upon your requests. So if, for example you don't like fish but love lamb we could remove all fish dishes and make sure we have one of our lamb ones.

Because each ramekin has been specifically developed to pair well with a specific style of wine we can't really amend individual elements of dishes.


How long does the supper club last?

The whole Ramekins & Wine experience lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours, but we're happy to take it slow if you'd prefer.


What do we need to do on the day/evening?

You do nothing apart from relax and enjoy it.

We'll ask ahead with regards to your kitchen (fridge capacity/ovens etc).

However we only heat things up and finish things on site.

We leave your kitchen how we found it, we'll tidy everything and you won't know we've even been there.

We bring wine glasses and ramekins, and we'll take these away with us afterwards.

We'll aim to arrive around 45 minutes before you'd like to begin the evening.


How many guests can we invite?

We can cater for up to 24, and we'd suggest at least 8 to make it as interactive a supper club as possible.


How much does Ramekins & Wine cost?

We charge £60 a head which includes at least 1 bottle of wine per head (we'll leave all the wine for you afterwards).

We require a deposit of £75 to secure the booking, which we will take off the full amount, although you can pay the whole lot upfront if you wish.

We ask for final payment for your supper club 2 days before the event.

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