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How long do your events last?

Our events are not constrained by any time limits or requirements from our end. We tend to go at the pace of the table, so if you’re after a long leisurely lunch, or a quick fire dinner we will make it happen. Our supper club tends to last around 2.5-3 hours.


Do you cater for allergies?

Yes, we cater for all allergies. We do need to know in advance however. We will always ask you for any allergy requirements at least a week before your event.


Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, we can cater for all dietary requirements and dislikes. 


Do you host ticketed events?

We sometimes host ticketed supper clubs and dinners, but not that often. We always advertise these on Instagram so keep an eye out.


Do we need to provide any cutlery or crockery?

No, we bring absolutely everything for the table, you needn’t provide a thing.


Do you have a venue we could use for our event?

Yes, we have relationships with many venues and can work with you to find the right one for your event.


How much kitchen space do you require? 

We have worked in many a tiny kitchen and are extremely flexible. We have a lot of mobile equipment which we can use if required. We have hosted a dinner for 80 people without any kitchen space before.


How many people can we have to our event?

Our supper club is a minimum of 8 people and there is no maximum, although for the game element to work well we would suggest a max of 24. For all other events there is a minimum of 6 and no maximum.


What do we need to do on the day?

You really don’t need to do much in advance of your Ramekins & Wine experience. We would ask whether you could clear some room in a fridge/freezer (although not vital) and for you to provide the table and chairs, but that really is it.


Do I need to pay upfront? 

We ask for a deposit to secure the date you choose. This is generally non-refundable, unless it is us who cancels. It is transferrable however to a new date in the event of cancellation. In terms of paying the final balance we do ask for it in advance, but we appreciate there are often situations where you need to gather money from your friends, in which case we are happy to receive payment up to one week after the event.


Are you able to provide pre-dinner drinks?

Yes, we have a menu of cocktails for both pre and post dinner. We also offer Champagne/sparking wine receptions, and cocktail receptions. 

How much food will there be?

It is always difficult to serve an amount of food that suits everyone, but we feel all our dinners are balanced and afterwards you would need to be a very big eater to still feel hungry. We don’t like seeing people stuffed halfway through, but we also try to be generous. We rarely get complaints regarding the amount of food served.


Do you do bread for the table?

We generally don’t serve bread, as it fills people up and they don’t always enjoy the latter courses of dinner. However if you would like bread for the table of course we can arrange this for you.


What style of food do you cook?

Our food is not influenced by one particular region or style, we create dishes specifically to go with wines. As such it would tend to be more European in influence. However we do play around with spice and other ingredients from all over the world. We always try to make sure each menu we produce is varied and balanced and each dish is developed by us and made from scratch, so it's totally authentic and unique.


Can we choose ingredients we like? 

Yes, you can certainly advise us of the core ingredient you would like in a dish, e.g. Lamb, or mushroom. We would struggle more with specific dish requests.


Do you use local ingredients?

Like a lot of people we are keen to support local and do so where the quality of produce allows. However we don’t compromise on flavour in this regard.


Are your dishes seasonal?

Our dishes are naturally seasonal as the ingredients in season taste the best and as such we absolutely make use of them when they hit prime time. 


Where do you get your food from?

We have a number of suppliers in London who we use to source our produce, from Natoora to HG Walter we refuse to compromise on flavour and quality.

Can you talk to us about the wines you serve?

Absolutely - we love talking about the fantastic wines we source and are happy to address your event after or before each course to discuss the wine you’re drinking. We’re also happy to answer any questions about the food or wine as we go through the menu.


Can you pair menus to our wines?

Yes, we can pair dishes to wines from your collection, and we find often people want to serve a wine that has personal significance. All we ask is that you let us know what the wines are well in advance so we can research them and create the ideal dish to make sure they taste their best.


Do you do wine tastings? 

While we focus on events pairing food to wine we can certainly host wine tastings. In fact it’s how Ramekins & Wine can into being - when we turned a wine tasting into a food and wine tasting. If you would like us to host a tasting for you please get in touch. The price will be dependent on the wines we show.


Are the wines high-quality?

At Ramekins & Wine we are very passionate about wine, and specifically wines we feel have the quality to match well to intensely flavoured dishes. As such we do not compromise at all on the quality, and while we offer different price levels of wine, you can rest assured that no matter what you choose you will be getting the best quality wine we can find.


Can we upgrade the wines?

Yes, you can upgrade the quality of wines served. We offer three levels of wine quality 

  • Standard. We use wines at approximately £15 rrp which we believe are fantastic with food.

  • Premium. We use wines at approximately £40 rrp, which are exceptional examples of their region or grape.

  • Icon. We bring famous wines from our cellared collection which have been aged to perfection and are entering their peak drinking window.


Do I need to be a wine expert?

Absolutely not. At our supper club where you play a game alongside the food and wine there is no requirement at all to be a wine expert. We firmly believe that wine is for all, that it shouldn’t be pretentious and that it should be a fun world for people to explore.


What kind of wine glasses do you use?

We use a combination of wine industry standard tasting glasses where there are lots of wines served, and premium Riedel glasses with our plated dinners.


Can we order more wine?

Yes, we can add additional bottles of wine to your event. We can do this either up front or on the evening.

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