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"Wine is such a fascinating subject area that can provide joy, excitement, intrigue and a never ending journey of discovery. We've over a decade of experience in the world of wine and are perfectly positioned to host educational, fun and in-depth tastings with spectacular bottles."

Wine tasting

The most important thing for us when putting together our wine tastings is to make sure they're interesting, fascinating, and fun. We'll discuss each wine we taste, looking not only at the flavours and aromas, but crucially why they taste the way they do - the story of the wines which helps put them into perspective - things like the region, grape, history, producer or 'terroir'. With much opportunity for questions and open discussion, and a simple game at the end where someone will win a fantastic bottle to take home, a Ramekins & Wine tasting is a fantastic way to learn more about wine and also have lots of fun while doing so.

If you want to go a step further, we can bring some canapés specifically designed to match the wines and theme the tasting around food and wine matching (which is of course our speciality).

Each tasting includes

- 8 wines showcasing variety within the theme of your tasting.

- A discussion around each wine, looking at how it tastes and the story of why it tastes the way it does. 

- An opportunity for questions as we go and open discussion.

- A simple game at the end where someone will win a great bottle to take home.

- We'll always bring one epic, aged, 'what a treat' bottle from our collection to taste.

- Everyone will receive a gift box including tasting notes and a 'host goes free' voucher for our supper club.


We're food and wine pairing specialists, and our canapés are beautiful bites designed to go with wine. Add to your wine tasting and we will bring a canapé to go alongside each wine (2 pieces per person), and we'll theme the tasting either totally or partially around food and wine matching.

Wine upgrade

While our standard wine tasting showcases beautiful wines that we can totally vouch for in terms of quality, we appreciate you may want to taste some incredible bottles that you don't necessarily get to experience every day. There are four tiers to our wine tasting offering...

- Standard. We open wines which we believe are delicious, well made and typical examples of their style. One wine will be Premium

- Premium. We open wines which we believe are truly exceptional examples of their region or grape. One wine will be Icon

- Icon. We open famous bottles from our cellared collection which have been aged to perfection and are entering their peak drinking window. One wine will be a Super Icon.

- Super Icon. We open some of the greatest wines in the world.


We can offer tastings at any level of expertise, from beginner to advanced, depending on where you and your guests are on your journey through wine. We'll ask you when you book. In terms of the theme of the tasting we are flexible, and if you have something in mind (how about 'beautiful labels'?) we can put together a bespoke line up, but here are some ideas...

- Introduction to wine tasting

- Advanced wine tasting

- Wine appreciation

- A variety of interesting bottles

- Amazing producers

- Famous grape varieties

- Famous wine countries

- Wine regions of France

- Explore a country in detail

- Explore a grape variety in detail

- Red/White of the world

- Old world wines

- New world wines

- Great food wines of the world

- Big reds/elegant reds

- Oak aged wines

- Esoteric wines

- How to age wine


Our standard wine tasting is £50 per person and can be themed around any of the ideas above, or a theme of your choosing.


Canapés - Add £25 per person.

Upgrade to premium wines - Add £25 per person.

Upgrade to Icon wines - Add £50 per person.

Upgrade to Super Icon - Add £100 per person.

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