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"At Ramekins & Wine we offer many bespoke dining options for your event. Whether a party for lots people, or a formal dinner for your closest friends, we are happy to put together an incredible food and wine experience for you and your guests."


Private Dining

Our private dinners are the perfect choice for those wishing for an occasion with a difference. Because we focus on food and wine pairing, we'll pair the dishes you choose to the perfect wines.


An example private dinner would start with a glass of Vintage Champagne, which we could serve with our popular whipped goat's cheese and crispy shallot tartlets. You'd then sit down to dinner and the first course, perhaps our 'cured and potted' mackerel with beetroot, apple and olive oil, which we'd match to a crisp, grassy Sancerre. For main, how about our 'Beef and Roots' dish - short-rib, prime-rib, celeriac, parsnip and a burnt onion ketchup. We'd pair this with an aged Bordeaux or Rioja. Then dessert could be our 'Apricot Tarte Tatin' with saffron and orange cream. It's a dish inspired by the famous sweet wine Sauternes and would be served with it too. We'd then finish off with a cheese board, a glass of Madeira and a plate of pistachio marshmallows for the table to share.

Our private dinners are priced dependent on your menu choices and level of wine you'd like. They start at £60 per person. 

'The Magic of Wine'

We believe wholeheartedly in the magic of a good wine and food pairing, especially when it includes some well aged and spectacular bottles that showcase how amazing winemaking can be.

As such, we created 'The Magic of Wine', our flagship dinner. For a maximum of 12 guests, we'll serve a 7 course tasting menu (we also do a 5 course version) designed to showcase the most fantastic ingredients and aged, iconic wines from our cellar. Think lobster with a vintage Champagne from the 90’s, or cannon of lamb with a 2005 Rioja served from Magnum.

The Magic of Wine is £150 per head for 7 courses or £120 for 5 courses.

Other events

Do get in touch if you have other events you'd be interested in using us for - we pride ourselves on having the flexibility and experience to make your event amazing, no matter what you have in mind.

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