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"We (Jamie & Thea) started our supper club, Ramekins & Wine, to spread the joy that we get from food and wine, and specifically how they go together." 


The story of Ramekins & Wine

The London supper club culture - that ethos of meeting new people, sharing experiences and excitement over new things was always something that really resonated with us - we loved it, and we still do - the creativity, innovation and sheer love for food is totally infectious.

That's why we wanted to create our own, and we've gone from hosting a few dinners for friends to being a fully fledged and successful catering business, hosting all kinds of events, from intimate dinners to parties for 100 people, where we can extol the virtues of not only drinking wine with food, but drinking the right wine with food and seeing how magical it can be.

When we hosted our first supper club we had no idea how it would be received, whether our ability in the kitchen and confidence in wine would translate to the table, but it's been incredible to see how much people have both embraced and enjoyed what we do.

All good supper clubs have a niche, a unique angle, something that sets them apart, and we're no different. We create dishes that are specifically designed to pair perfectly with certain styles of wine.

We're called ramekins as we serve all the dishes at our original supper club in ramekin dishes. We have 2 guidelines when creating dishes. They must suit a ramekin, and they must be edible with a tea spoon. We find these constraints lead to really pretty little bowls and they force us to be creative."

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