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"At Ramekins & Wine we love canapés - they can be so delicious and creative."  




Our canapé parties are always popular with our clients. We have an extensive menu of canapés for your event, and can advise on numbers required and the best mix of food. We can also match these to wines, normally a couple of choices that will go well with lots of different food.

An example canapé party could begin with a fresh, vibrant cured sea bass with lemon and dill. This would be followed with pea and king crab arancini' with paprika aioli. Then, pancetta bon bons with pickled rhubarb puree, and parmesan biscuits with chicken mousse and crispy chicken skin. After those we'd serve 2 desserts, say sticky toffee bites with orange and salted toffee, and finally almond creme brûlée with raspberry. We'd suggest 2 wines to go alongside, and maybe a gin and tonic, or glass of Prosecco at the beginning to get everyone in the mood.

Our canapé parties are £40 per head for which you could choose 6 different types and we'll serve 10 canapés per head (perfect for a 2-3 hour function). We can of course quote for more or less than that if you'd like.

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