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"Beronia are one of the great names in Rioja, Spain, and to celebrate and showcase how food friendly their wines are, we created 3 ‘Pintxo’ to pair with 3 of their incredible wines at Waitrose Food Festival."


What is a Pintxo?

Famously found in the north of Spain, pintxos are a little like tapas - little snacks designed to be consumed alongside drinks and friends. Often (skewered or served on toast), they're ideal alongside a glass of wine, especially food friendly wines like those from Beronia



Beronia was founded in 1973 by friends who had a mission to create great wines to complement their culinary creations.  Almost five decades since they began, their award-winning, pioneering wines are enjoyed amongst friends around the world.

Our Menu

Beronia Rueda 2021

Whipped chèvre, anchovy and carmelised onion tartlet


Beronia Rioja Crianza 2019

Tomato on toast, Iberico Chorizo, old PX Vinegar 


Beronia Rioja Reserva 2018

Roast lamb rump skewer, braised grape, aioli 


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