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At Ramekins & Wine we offer a number of cocktail options. We can make any traditional cocktail, so if you’d like Margaritas, Negronis, Espresso Martinis or any other classic just let us know. Alongside that we offer a selection of bespoke cocktails designed to provide the perfect beginning or end to your Ramekins & Wine dinner.


Cocktail Menu


All cocktails £8 each

‘Gin & Grapefruit’ 

London Dry Gin, rosemary, grapefruit, angostura


‘Rum & Mulling Spices’

Dark aged rum, cold brew mulled wine, ginger ale 


‘Dry Sherry & Lemon’

Fino sherry, lemon, smoke essence  


‘Tequila & Cumin Seed’

Kummel, Anejo Tequila, roasted lemon & cumin seed


‘Vermouth & Sweet Pea’

Dry White Vermouth, Sauternes, pea


‘Whisky & Gingerbread’

18yo Single Malt, Gingerbread syrup, orange


‘Warm Port & Hedgerow Fruits’

Warm LBV Port, blackberry, redcurrant, cherry


‘Champagne & Strawberry’

Non Vintage Champagne, strawberry, mint

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