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‘The Alchemy of Wine’ 

'A Tarte To Showcase Iconic Sauvignon Blanc' 

Shallot tarte tatin, chives, crispy shallots, macadamia, shallot cream

Paired with Sancerre from Magnum

'Why Champagne Dreams of Lobster'

Lobster tail poached in chive butter, dusted with roasted lemon zest

Paired with Vintage Rosé Champagne

'The Marriage of Spanish Food & Spanish Wine' 

BBQ Iberico presa, chorizo & chickpea casserole, lemon & parsley dressing, toasted almonds

Paired with Rioja Gran Reserva (from the 90's)

Showing Off The Bordeaux 

Wagyu rib, black trumpet risotto, sautéed wild mushrooms, madeira sauce, shaved truffle

Paired with a 2005 Pauillac

Lamb And Things Which Go With Lamb 

Cannon of lamb, anchovy, mint and roast garlic, aubergine purée

Paired with Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Thinking Sweet With Sweet 

Vanilla poached pear, pear caramel, creme anglaise, caramelised filo

Paired with a famous South African sweet wine

The Perfect Alignment Of Wine & Chocolate 

Dark chocolate mousse, cocoa nib ganache, apricot & chocolate tuile

Paired with old Madeira

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