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Join our tasting event on Friday 5th February. 


We'll deliver an exciting box full of wine and food, then you can log onto our live zoom tasting at 8pm. Further details will be emailed upon sign up.


What it involves?

- A bottle of wine per head (split across 6 exceptional wines)

- Paired food designed by the Ramekins & Wine team to go alongside the wines (they will be part of the tasting)

- Information cards, so you can remind yourself of the wines afterwards

- The tasting will be themed around 'Great Wine Regions of The World'

- It will last approximately 2hrs

- You will be able to interact and ask questions


What you'll need to do

- Provide 6 glasses per head (or 3, which can be reused)

- A small amount of food preperation (no cooking involved, takes around 10 mins)

- Sit back, log on and enjoy the tasting!

Ticket to Online Wine Tasting 5th February (Extra)

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